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Get cut-queue tickets and meet Mickey Mouse

Micky mouse is one of the most fantasized cartoons created by Walt Disney. On a Disney vacation, people have to stand in long queues to get through the ticket counters and meet their favourite Disney characters in the Magic-Kingdom-Theme-Park. Recently a new sytem was introduced- called the FASTPASS system that allows the visitors to skip the lengthy waiting queues.

Disney Vacation

The ticket is specified for a single hour frame and you can easily return and get a personal click with the supreme popular characters of the Disney-World; you can also get your t-shirts autographed and frame the most desired hugs with lens. This system not only allows you to by-pass the standby-line but also give you a VIP feeling. If you are planning your stay at the orlando hotels of the Downtown-Disney-resorts, that like many, you may also be delighted.

Disney Vacation

This is because, being a guest of the Downtown, you will be entitled to the premium facilitations for a complementary shuttle-service for transport; so, you can return to the Magic-Kingdom-Theme-Park in the specific hour and meet Mickey (in case you are going for a shopping spree or a lunch in the day). Presently Mickey Mouse has shifted to his new home at the Town-Square Theatre. This theatre is located inside the theme park, just near the entrance; formerly this place used to be the Exposition hall area.

Disney Vacation

You will also love the grandeur look of the Victorian-era Theatre; this theatre is classically featured with the gold-leaf trims, wonderfully mosaicked floors, dazzling lights, plush curtains and the brass chandeliers that are polished dramatically. Inside this theatre, the guests will have to be a part of the interactive queue, which is quite interesting as well as enjoyable, before they finally see Mickey in his rehearsal room. You can check out the prime Disney vacation packages that are offered by the Downtown resorts at http://www.downtowndisneyhotels.com.

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